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  • AGM Invitation

  • Login

    • I forgot my password - what can I do?

      It is possible for you to reset the password yourself. Please follow these steps:
      1. Go to the Login page at
      2. Select “Forgot Password?” and enter your email address.
      3. You will receive an email at that address.
      4. Click on the link "Password Reset" and check your mobile phone. You will receive a code via text message which you will need to reset the password.
      5. Follow the remaining instructions on the screen.

    • What can I do if I have requested a password reset but did not receive a confirmation email?

      1. Make sure that you have checked your email’s spam folder.
      2. Check that you are using the email with which you registered your shareholder account on Sherpany.
      3. If the above options do not work, contact our support team.

    • What can I do if I no longer have access to the email address with which I am registered on Sherpany?

      You will still be able to use your old email address to log in to Sherpany. However, you will be missing out on important information that gets sent to that address. As such, you should change your account settings and update your email address as soon as possible.

    • How can I change my account settings and/or my email address?

      1. Log in to Sherpany.
      2. Click on tho profile picture in the header and on «Settings».
      3. Edit your details.
      4. When you add a new email address you will need to verify it. Until you do so, you will not be able to use that address to log in.

    • How can I deregister from Sherpany?

      Use the contact form on this page. Please list your email address and the reference “deregister from Sherpany”. Alternatively, you can send an email to with the subject “deregister from Sherpany”.
      Following deregistration your Sherpany account will be deactivated. From then on you will receive your companies’ information in paper form.

  • AGM Registration and Attendence

    • Is there a deadline for registering for a General Meeting?

      The deadlines for registering for a General Meeting depend on the administrative process of each company. At Sherpany you can find out the deadlines for the respective companies, though we strongly recommend that you register as soon as you receive the invitation.

    • How can attend the General Meeting of my company online?

      1. Log in to
      2. In the header, click on “GM”
      3. Click “attend” for the GM you wish to attend.
      4. Select the “Online-voting” option and click on “Save and continue”.

    • Why am I required to authorize a voting proxy if I want to attend the General Meeting online?

      According to Swiss law, a person may only vote at a General Meeting if they are physically present. Therefore, voting through Sherpany is done following a proxy voting model. You can exercise your voting rights through a proxy who is present at the GM. This proxy must be authorized by you- the basis for this is in the opening of your shareholder account.

  • Security and Data Protection

    • Is any of my sensitive data saved at Sherpany?

      No. You alone decide which data to include when you open a shareholder account with Sherpany. Any sensitive data regarding your shareholder status, such as securities transactions, number of shares held, or voting power remain in the database of either the share register, or the General Meeting software of the respective companies. This data is not saved at Sherpany. Any data saved by Sherpany is visible to you through your shareholder account. Our exact data protection directive can be found in our privacy policy.

    • What measures does Sherpany have in place to protect my data?

      At Sherpany we follow the security standards of online banking. We protect data with a number of firewalls. Ensuring data integrity is a fundamental requirement of our product. If a vulnerability is identified, we immediately assess the risk and take appropriate action.

  • Create Shareholder Account / Settings

    • Do I need to open separate shareholder accounts with Sherpany for different companies?

      No. You can manage all your companies with a single shareholder account. To do this, simply add companies to your account. Log in to Sherpany. In the header, click on “Companies” and then on “Add companies”.

    • Who can open a Sherpany shareholder account?

      Shareholders who are listed on their company’s share register with voting rights can open a Sherpany shareholder account. If your company offers the use of Sherpany (you can see this in the Company Finder), you will receive your personal Login details with the next written invitation to the General Meeting. Non-shareholders who are interested in the communications of publicly listed companies may also open a Sherpany shareholder account.

    • How can I open a personal shareholder account?

      1. Log in with your shareholder number and the code which you will receive in the written invitation to the General Meeting
      2. Enter a valid email address and a password.
      3. Enter your mobile phone number and then the mobile code which you will receive via text message.
      4. Authorize Sherpany AG to be granted Powers of Attorney. To do this, all you have to do is tick the relevant box.
      5. You will receive a confirmation email. Once you click on the link in the email, your profile will be activated.

    • How can I add a company to my shareholder account?

      1. Log in to Sherpany.
      2. In the header, click on “Companies”, and then on “Add companies”.
      3. Enter your shareholder number and your code. Please note that for each account, you can manage only one shareholder number per company.

    • Why to I need to provide my mobile phone number?

      1. Your mobile phone number is required for security purposes in the case of a password reset.
      2. It protects you from abuse by an unauthorized third party.

    • What can I do if I have not received my login details with the written invitation to the General Meeting?

      1. Check whether your company is listed on the Company Finder. If it is not, your company does not offer the use of Sherpany.
      2. If your company is listed on the company finder, contact your company’s share registry.

    • I have a new address. Where can I update it?

      You can update your address in account settings. Log in to, click on your profile icon and then on “Account settings”. There you can leave your new address. Please note however, that we don’t pass on such updates to the companies, so you will have to notify them separately.

    • I’ve sold my shares, how can I remove the company from my account?

      Your portfolio will be updated regularly as soon as the information comes in from the share registry.

    • Why is my phone number not accepted?

      As Sherpany is available to shareholders in all countries, phone numbers need to be entered with the correct country code. Swiss phone numbers can be written with the country code (+41) and the phone number without the initial zero (for example +41791234567).

    • My email is already in use. What does that mean?

      You have already registered on Sherpany with another shareholder number. Login to your existing account and add the new company to your exisiting portfolio. With Sherpany you can comfortably manage all the tasks relevant to your companies’ General Meetings.

  • Bearer Shares

    • What is different with Bearer Shares?

      The most important difference is that the right to vote ends after the respective AGM. Shareholders of Bearer Shares therefore usually are not invited by email to the following AGM. Shareholders receive new Sherpany login credentials each year.

    • Can I access information on my Bearer Shares company independent of the AGM?

      Yes, of course. The company will stay assigned to your Sherpany account until the next voting period for an AGM. In the overview "all companies" you can equally look at the public profile even after selling the shares.

  • System requirements